About Book Centre, Bradford

Welcome to Book Centre, a leading Indic languages and Islamic books wholesaler and library supplier.

Book Centre, established in 1969, is a leading UK based Indic languages and Islamic book wholesaler and distributor of printed books to retailers, libraries and consumers around the world.

We operate at the heart of the UK book industry and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers on daily bases. Offering an excellent one stop shop to acquire content from Pakistan, India and around the world. Our services range from providing books to Libraries, Schools and Madrasas in the UK and EU as well.

Delivering the highest standard of customer satisfaction is number one priority to Book Centre believing our continued success originates from a dedication to developing, with stakeholders, a range of innovative and cost effective solutions, without compromising our perseverance to quality.

Why Choose Book Centre?

Customer Care

We look after our customers through our personal service. We encourage our customers to make requests or ask questions so that we can better understand the way they operate and appreciate their requirements.


Receiving upon your order, we will send an acknowledgement and then thoroughly check all the bibliographic details to ensure that you receive the precise book that you want. If we find that there is a newer or cheaper edition available, we would contact you to check which edition you prefer.

We monitor orders regularly and chase up suppliers when they fail to deliver within a reasonable length of time.

If a book you have ordered is not available, we will let you know and keep you up-dated concerning the progress of the order.

At Book Centre we take great care of packaging to ensure you receive your books in perfect condition. Books are carefully packed in strong and appropriate boxes.


We do our utmost to accommodate the needs of our customers, flexible enough at all points in our service through ordering, delivery and invoicing.

We are happy to give quotes and proforma invoices to assist with budgeting.
Our choice of suppliers will be guided by the customer’s personal priorities with regard to delivery time, price and reliability.

Delivery Time

We have a large stock as well as we also order books as required. If you require books urgently, we will make your order a priority (at no extra charge) and, as long as the supplier has them in stock, you should receive them in about 1-2 weeks. We do, however, order from suppliers all around the world, and frequently from Pakistan and in some circumstances, these take longer to reach us.

Delivery time of our supply depends to some degree on the size and nature of your order and the urgency of it but usually orders are processed within 24hrs. When you receive them depends upon the availability of the publications and your own priorities but we do all in our power to ensure that you get them quickly. If the titles you require are in stock, you can generally expect to receive them in a couple of days.