We have been supplying Urdu books to UK & EU public Libraries since 1969 and have well trained qualified cataloguing staff. We have a showroom in Bradford and huge stock of fiction and non-fiction titles. Apart from Urdu literature, we are also supplying Islamic books in Arabic and English as well.

We are providing services to libraries on the lowest price structure   and with the same dedication to provide the most efficient service possible and full servicing facility to shelf-ready books.

We have a database of each library and we check and control the duplication of books as well.

Reader Request For Urdu Books

Our monitoring and user surveys show that we satisfy 90% of reader requests within 7 days. We have our own procurements offices in Pakistan and associate suppliers in India

Quarterly List

We prepare new list of Urdu books every quarterly and send to the libraries and then librarian choose from the list

Supplier Selection

Libraries tell us about their spending and requirements for the whole financial year. Our qualified staff then select the best reading books for them and all libraries are happy and satisfied with our service.

You will be pleased to that our services have been upgraded to provide following free facilities: –


In association with BDS, we provide UKMARC and MARC21 electronic bibliographic records, ready to load directly onto your system.


We provide activated security tags compatible with your system


We provide EDI, subject to testing to ensure compatibility with your system

We can also provide any of the following, tailored to your needs:

  • Supplier selection
  • Transliterated slips/labels
  • Barcodes
  • Date labels
  • Spine labels
  • Book sleeves / hard plastic covers / binding / rebinding
  • Any other customized service you may require.